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By Colleen Hagerty

Expanding your understanding of disasters every week

Expanding your understanding of disasters every week

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But not a drop to drink

This story is part of Covering Climate Now’s Food & Water joint coverage week. More on that below!Andrew Whelton is a professor of civil, environmental, and ecological engineering at Purdue University with a focus on water infrastructure and disasters. In…


Pencil me in

A quick one for you this week, as I decided to shake up my schedule a bit and give you a My World's on Fire double-whammy next week: First up, on Tuesday, June 28th at 5pm Pacific , I'll be hosting this month's Twitter Space with Monica Sanders. She is an exp…


By any other name

If you’ve been following the floods in Montana, wildfires in New Mexico, or heat waves all across the US, you might have come across the phrase “climate disaster.” It’s become the go-to term for a number of media outlets and politicians alike, a sort of catch…


Don't sleep on it

Talking about holdover/sleeper/zombie fires


School's out for the summer

Tyler dreams of traveling — Amsterdam ranks high on his list.Angelina designs animated cartoons during free moments, a passion she hopes could one day become a career.Grace has seen the ability nurses have to brighten someone’s day and hopes to pay that kindn…


The cost of doing nothing

This week, I’ve been attending the International Association of Wildland Fire's "Climate & Fire" conference. One of the first panels I watched featured Dr. Crystal Kolden, a pyrogeographer at the University of California, Merced. I've referenced her work …


Taking care of business

One of my favorite parts of writing this newsletter is getting to revisit voices you've heard from in the past, as it's something I rarely get to do in my work for other outlets. The time I spend speaking with people tends to offer a window into just a sliver…

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Is this thing on?

A Twitter chat with Taylor Kate Brown


What disasters have to do with reproductive rights

Note: Today's newsletter discusses pregnancy, abortion, and sexual violence. I generally try to stay away from breaking news in this newsletter for a number of reasons, but as I weighed topics for this week, I kept coming back to the Supreme Court draft decis…


Extra, extra! Read all about it!

Part two


Demystifying prescribed burns

A special edition in collaboration with The Planet You Save


Don't stop me now

Somehow, another year of MWOF is officially in the books.As about 10% of you might remember, the first edition of this newsletter made it to your inboxes two years ago this month.“My hope in creating this newsletter,” I wrote at the time, “Is to take a small …


Where do we GLO from here

As I mentioned last week, April marks two years since I started this newsletter (shout out to members for keeping it coming). A special anniversary edition is in the works, but I first wanted to continue revisiting some of the voices you've heard from over th…


500 episodes later

Just about this time last year, I spoke with Scott Gabriel Knowles about reaching a milestone with his COVIDCalls program. Started in the early weeks of the pandemic, Knowles invites guests from around the world with different kinds of expertise, experiences,…


The East End and an act of interpretation

Today, an article I’ve been reporting since September is out in the world. To get a little personal, publication days always feel strange to me – when something I’ve poured so much time into is offered up for consumption, the final product inevitably a shred …


As long as there are stories to share

It’s been just over eight months since the Dixie Fire sparked in Northern California, burning a path of nearly 1 million acres through five counties, the Plumas National Forest, Lassen National Forest, and Lassen Volcanic National Park. In the weeks that it w…


With a little help

Every now and then, I like to pass the mic on here and share a story from the Solutions Journalism network (if you don’t know what solutions journalism is, here’s a quick intro). Today's comes to you courtesy of journalist David Kidd and the outlet Governing,…


The window

After years of trying to avoid exactly this scene—bright flames swallowing his grass and seedlings, smoke plumes curling above the tops of his trees—Richard Batha’s front yard is on fire. He surveys it from behind sunglasses, taking a few steps back. Then, he…

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Behind-the-scenes of a prescribed burn

Hi members! I am so grateful that you've decided to support My World's on Fire with a monthly donation and really excited to build up this more intimate community. As those of you who came over from Patreon know, I really value having these private editions t…


A really great Trojan Horse

A Q&A with Xochitl Gonzalez, author of Olga Dies Dreaming