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Blast from the past

My World's on Fire
Blast from the past
By Colleen Hagerty • Issue #52 • View online
Thanks for reading my World’s on Fire, a weekly newsletter about disasters from journalist Colleen Hagerty. If you found this dispatch interesting, I hope you’ll subscribe!

You might notice that today’s newsletter jumps from issue #7 to #52 – that’s not a mistake! All of the My World’s On Fire archives are finally in one place, and to celebrate, I decided to do a special links post. Along with my regular list of stories I’m following, I mixed in some old editions of this newsletter that still relate to today’s news. I’m so grateful for the support from you all that’s kept MWOF going 50-plus issues strong – with many more to come!
I’d love to hear your thoughts on the links below and what you’re reading/listening to/watching. You can always reply to this email to reach me or find me on Twitter.
Let’s get to the links:
What It's Like to Work in 115 Degree Weather in Phoenix
On the Louisiana Coast, an Indigenous Community Loses Homes to Erosion
'Nobody talks about this destruction'
Fire Season's Impact on Our Water
About those zombie fires
Mobile Homes and Hurricanes: The True Cost of ‘Affordable’ Housing
Currently — July 8th, 2021
Links to help you make sense of things
The update you've been waiting for
Put it on the calendar – MWOF movie night is July 22! Add your name to the list to get all the updates. Excited to see some of you there!
As always...
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It also means the world to me when you share it on social media. Normally, this is where I include a nice tweet from one of you, but my mentions got a bit messy this week after a much-shared heat wave tweet, so I’ll be back to that next week when they’re hopefully a bit easier to wade through! Instead, here’s a gratuitous video of my pup finding one way to keep cool:
Colleen Hagerty
I try not to tweet much on weekends but you guys, Scarlett got a puppuccino
Now, here’s a little something for reading to the end.
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