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Links to help you make sense of things

My World's on Fire
Links to help you make sense of things
By Colleen Hagerty • Issue #14 • View online

My World’s on Fire is a free newsletter about disasters from journalist Colleen Hagerty. My goal is to help you feel a bit more at ease about our unpredictable world by equipping you with in-depth reporting and insights. I can only do that with your continued support, so please subscribe and share!
As mentioned in my last pre-break newsletter, this issue is being scheduled in advance, so today’s links aren’t related to any new news. Instead, I wanted to share a few favorite series and subscriptions for you to check out that I’ve found helpful in deepening my understanding of disasters.
I’ll be back with your regularly scheduled programming next week, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!
All the news that’s fit to link 📚 🎧 📺 
  • 📚You can never subscribe to too many disaster newsletters Dr. Samantha Montano is one of my top Twitter follow recommendations, and her monthly newsletter, Disasterology, is a fantastic resource for catching up on all things disaster through an expert’s lens – with great memes. (Disasterology)
  • 🎧Unpacking the ‘Big One’I’ve listened to this podcast about the potential impact of a massive earthquake on Los Angeles multiple times because of how great it is at balancing storytelling, smart insights, and practical advice. Plus, there’s a bunch of useful articles that accompany the series online, including advice on “How To Not Get Life-Threatening Diarrhea After A Major Earthquake,” which, you know, could be very helpful someday. (LAist)
  • 📚Speaking of the big oneIf you haven’t read this before, trust me, read it now. (New Yorker)
  • 📺Making sense of this moment, one episode at a timeDisaster historian & author Scott Knowles has been hosting “COVID-Calls” since March, interviewing a range of incredibly smart people to take stock of… all of this, offering context and diverse perspectives. There’s a new live episode every weeknight. (COVID-CALLS)
And, as always…
here’s a little something for reading to the end.
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