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My World's on Fire
Pencil me in
By Colleen Hagerty • Issue #97 • View online
Thanks for reading My World’s on Fire, a newsletter about disasters from journalist Colleen Hagerty. Let’s make this a regular thing – subscribe here for disaster deep-dives, Q&As, and context in your inbox on Thursday evenings.

A quick one for you this week, as I decided to shake up my schedule a bit and give you a My World’s on Fire double-whammy next week:
First up, on Tuesday, June 28th at 5pm Pacific , I’ll be hosting this month’s Twitter Space with Monica Sanders. She is an expert in disaster response and recovery, and longtime subscribers might remember her from this 2020 newsletter about preparedness. Monica is also the founder of The Undivide Project, which is working to address the “digital divide” that intersects with existing disaster vulnerabilities in many communities. Having reported in areas with limited Internet access and cell service—which can pose significant challenges for alerting residents to disasters, among other issues—I’m very excited to learn more about her work and the project’s community-focused goals.
If you can’t wait until Tuesday to learn more, you can check out this recent livestream Monica hosted, which features some other past newsletter interviewees (and if you recognize their names and reply to this email with the newsletters they were featured in, I’ll send you a My World’s on Fire sticker)!
You can set a reminder for the Twitter Space below:
Scheduled: My World's on 🔥 x The Undivide Project
Then, on Thursday, you’ll receive a special Q&A edition as part of Covering Climate Now’s joint coverage week, which is calling on newsrooms and journalists to report on how climate change is impacting our food and water sources (you can follow along with more of the week’s coverage here).
And, if that wasn’t enough, paid subscribers will receive their extra edition with a recording of Tuesday’s chat plus a ton more—seriously, this will be a long one—so, if you won’t be able to make it live Tuesday and are interested in what else I’ve been up to, now’s a great time to sign up and make sure you don’t miss out.
With all of that coming, I’m taking this week off from regular newsletter-ing. However, I did have an article months in the making publish on Tuesday that I’d love for you to check out. It digs into the challenges federal wildland firefighters face trying to find and afford places to live on the job. I break down what a wildland firefighter does, why housing has become such an entrenched issue in the profession, and how the federal government is responding.
Check it out here:
Why Are So Many Firefighters Still Struggling to Afford Housing?
I also appreciated this Twitter thread from former wildland firefighter and Life With Fire podcast host Amanda Monthei about this issue and my article:
Amanda Monthei
The funny think about housing (and many other) issues in the wildland fire workforce is that when you’re experiencing those issues first hand, it doesn’t feel like a big deal. I now understand that this mindset is a huge reason why people are leaving in droves. Let me explain.
That’s all of my news for now—hoping to see and hear from many of you on Tuesday!
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Explainer sur les feu zombies capables de survivre sous de multiples couches de neige.
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