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Three years in Paradise

My World's on Fire
Three years in Paradise
By Colleen Hagerty • Issue #69 • View online
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This past Monday, November 8th, marked the three-year anniversary of the day the Camp Fire burned through Butte County, California. I’ve written multiple newsletters about the aftermath of this fire, the deadliest in the state’s modern history, talking about the lives forever altered and how it is still being studied by researchers. But I thought I’d offer a different perspective today by showing you instead of telling you what those years have looked like in Paradise, one of the impacted towns.
I first shared these images with my Patreon subscribers in May after taking a reporting trip to the area. I drove there from Los Angeles, cutting a line up through the state for about seven hours until I reached familiar roads, ones I have taken countless photos of over the years. Some are professional images to accompany my reporting. Others are very much not, moments captured shakily from my phone, snapped as a form of notes to help me remember what it was like standing in a particular spot on a particular day. Together, they offer a small window into the landscapes of Paradise across seasons and years of recovery.
Three years in Paradise
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